9 Absolutely Cute Puppy Pics

Animals are a gift from God that bring joy to our lives. As in the Bible ants serve as an example of how we should work and prepare for the future, perhaps dogs are here to help us know more about love.

If you had a bad day and your heart is now just like a stone..., these cute and adorable puppies will probably melt your heart. We wonder how you will feel after looking at this cute beings of God's Creation!

1. Puppy can't get up..

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

"Can you help me, please? Do you have a friend that needs help getting on their feet?"

2. "Fluffy" dog

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

So cute! This cute puppy looks so weak and vulnerable. Maybe you have a friend or family member that feels week and needs prayer.

3. Golden retriever falling asleep

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Golden retrievers are easy to train when they are awake. But this one might be difficult.

Does God feel difficult with His people who are just like this dog, falling asleep.....?

4. Little dog on the couch

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Do you let your dogs on the couch? This is one is like a guarding the couch day and night...just as watchman of God guarding His people.

5. Black dogs eating together

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

This big family is just a good example of sharing what you have to your brothers and sisters...

6. A puppy sleeping with his doll

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Today was a long day.....I hope God gives me strength as I rest in Him!

7. Pups 4 weeks old howling!

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Let's rejoice and be glad....! Christians should be able to rejoice in every situation just because Jesus has saved them.

8. Baby Bulldog playing

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Do you want to play with me? Let's do fellowship and learn how to love each other.

9. Butterball Downstairs

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Little dog trying to go down the stairs and crying at the same time. This reminds us how to not be afraid in our walk of faith, because God is with us.