90210 Cast Reunites for Old Navy Commercial (Video)

It's back-to-school time, and Old Navy has brought back some of the most famous high school students. Several stars of the hit series "Beverly Hills, 90210" have reunited in new commercials for the clothing chain and fans are enjoying the reunion.

Actresses Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris have joined Jason Priestley and Luke Perry for the "mini drama" commercials which are geared more towards parents than kids. The characters reunite and make jokes that only fans of the show would truly understand.

For example, in one commercial, Garth's character, Kelly, has to choose between Perry's character, Dylan, and Priestley's, Brandon. It was a constant set-up for fans of the '90s series, and this time around, Kelly chooses "jeans. All of them!" she exclaims.

In the other shot, featuring Carteris and Priestley, who were best friends on the series, her character, Andrea, lets it slip that she loves Brandon. It's an obvious reference to the mega-crush Carteris' original character had on that of Priestley, but nothing ever happened between them on the show.

Old Navy has clearly decided to change its target audience from children to their parents, which makes since given that parents will be the ones providing back-to-school clothes for their kids. And it's not the first time the chain has sought an older audience.

In March, Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence revived their characters from another '90s series, "Blossom." Bialik dressed in her character's signature hat, and Lawrence thrilled fans with one word: "Woah!"

Fans of "90210" are thrilled to see some of their favorites back on the small screen, even if only for a few commercials.

"I think they all look really good and show be on TV more regularly. Especially all together, even if it's not '90210'" commented Huffington Post reader muscle3332007.

"I never liked '90210' but these commercials actually made me laugh. I can't say I mind these reunion commercials even if I don't shop at Old Navy!" added dementress.

Watch the commercial featuring Carteris and Priestley HERE: