911 Call- Bigfoot Shot and Killed?

A 911 call set off a frenzy of activity after a Pennsylvania man claimed to have shot and killed Bigfoot. John Winesickle claims to have proof that he killed the legendary yeti in his own woods; officials, however, state that Winesickle only has proof of a bear.

"No, no," Winesickle told WTAJ News. "A bear can't go down a steep bank on all twos. This is Bigfoot. The voice is so deep. I've heard bass singers on television and they can't even come close to the bass sound it made to me."

Winesickle called 911 claiming to have proof of Bigfoot, and when officials responded, he showed them numerous pictures of footprints. He then took an officer on the path that he regularly walked along in the woods and pointed out tracks that he swore belonged to Bigfoot.

"It was typical of Bigfoot rumors – bits and pieces but no real sources," Sharon Hill told Discovery News. "Speculation then went crazy within hours thanks to the Bigfoot online community. This is absolutely the worst way to get information."

Winesickle claims to have seen Bigfoot but that the creature ran away from him before he could get close.

"It's deathly afraid," he explained. "It won't hurt you."

Police concluded that Winesickle had seen the tracks of a mother bear and her cub but failed to convince Winesickle of that fact. He is sticking to his claim of seeing the legend for himself and even interacting with it.

"The police have been very nice to me," Winesickle said. "It wasn't a bear. It was Bigfoot."

Enthusiasts maintain, though, that Bigfoot is still out there, hiding from humanity. People have been searching for the mythical creature for decades, though no formal proof has been scientifically verified.

"The current Bigfoot scene is awash with hype, rumors, backstabbing, hoaxing, and rampant unprofessional behavior," Hill added. "You have to look for the few who are interested in answering the question: What, if anything, happened here?"