911 Call for Divorce: PA Woman Cited for Using Emergency System Improperly

A 42-year-old woman in Pennsylvania was cited by police for disorderly conduct after she called 911 asking the operator to grant her a divorce. She also demanded that police be sent to the home to have her husband removed from her home.

State troopers revealed that they were dispatched to the residence shortly after 1 a.m. on Saturday after being told that there was a reported disturbance at a local residence in Girard Township in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Upon arriving police stated that they explained to the woman, who is not being publically identified, that they had no acting capacity to grant a divorce as it is a civil matter. They also added that they were not able to remove her husband from the home because no crime had been committed.

After her repeated insistence, police decided to cite the woman for disorderly conduct and for misusing the Erie County 911 system.

Perhaps with this occurrence the woman can take a step back and talk with her husband about the virtues of marriage, given the documented benefits of holy matrimony.

"Research shows that married individuals have far greater wealth and financial stability. They lead longer lives, have greater personal lives and better health," Sheila Weber, Executive Director of National Marriage Week USA, previously stated.

Studies also found that children raised in a two-parent household perform better in school, teen pregnancy and addiction rates are lower, and they also have less trouble with the law, Weber claims. However, the executive director says that Americans can do even better, citing that $112 billion U.S. tax dollars are spent on divorce and unwed childbearing.

"I think it really helps people understand that treating marriage with respect is going to help everyone in the long run," Dr. Viviana Arango Coles, lead psychotherapist at Houston Relationship Therapy in Texas, previously told The Christian Post.