911 for a Cheeseburger? Man Arrested After Calling 911 Nine Times for a Cheeseburger (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Wish TV 8 Screen Capture)Gregory Jackson Sr, 52, called 911 a total of nine times asking for a cheeseburger.

A 911 call for a cheeseburger has reportedly resulted in an Indiana man being placed under arrest by authorities, after police realized the man was wanted on unrelated charges.

Gregory Jackson Sr. reportedly attempted to call emergency services operators at 911 a total of nine times to request that he be delivered a cheeseburger, according to authorities.

The nine phone calls to 911 were placed over a period of about 90 minutes by the 52 year old man, according to police.

Although the dispatchers attempted to ignore his prank calls numerous times, they eventually send out a squad car to the man's residence, but not to deliver a cheeseburger.

Authorities have said that dispatchers only sent police to the man as they were concerned for his well-being given his erratic behavior, and sheer persistence in his ridiculous request. However, they later realized the man had not shown up for his court appearance a few days before and so proceeded to take the man into custody pending his rescheduled court hearing.

During his first call the emergency operator hung up the phone when he realized that it was a prank call. However, police have explained that he quickly called back saying that he still wanted his cheeseburger.

The operator told Jackson: "Well I asked if you had an emergency. You said no, you needed a cheeseburger. So we don't take cheeseburger orders."

Despite the clear response from the operator the middle-aged man continued to call and hound the 911 service to order a cheeseburger. After his persistence, operators asked him for his personal information, which he gave willingly. However, rather than deliver a cheeseburger to the hungry man, they sent officers to his residence to see if he was alright. It was then that officers realized that the man was wanted on other charges.

The man has reportedly been arrested more a dozen times before in a string of alcohol-related incidents since the 1990s. His other arrests have also been for theft, dealing a controlled substance, and criminal recklessness.

The man was in fact due in court on an unrelated charge just two days prior to his bizarre cheeseburger requests, however, he failed to show.

According to the Muncie Star Press, Henry County Sheriff Butch Baker has commented that Jackson would not be receiving a cheeseburger when he arrived in jail. He confirmed that the hungry man was instead offered a peanut and jelly sandwich. It is unknown whether the man has since managed to get a cheeseburger.

Here is a video report of the incident: