92-Year-Old Golfer Hits 12th Hole-In-One

Australian golfer Tommy Watts has hit his twelfth hole-in-one at 92-years-old.

Watts has been retired for 42 years, and after daily practice on his local green at the Scotchman's Creek Golf Club, reached the feat just last week.

The golfer is well known for his patience and love of the game, and says golf should always be enjoyable.

"I never lose my temper," said Watts according to Fox Sports. "It's just another occasion and you take it as it comes," he said.

Upon reaching the perfect score on the 9th hole, the golfer smiled and nodded.

"To be honest I didn't realize I'd done it," said Watts. "I went down looking for it because I knew it was on the green but then I looked in the hole and sure enough…"

The first hole-in-one the golfer ever achieved was in 1979. Watts added that "nobody got a bigger surprise than me" after the feat.

"You hit it off the tee at the top of a jill near the clubrooms, down into a gully and on the green between the two bunkers," explained Watts. "You've got to get the ball through that little opening and on to the hole."

Watts is regarded as a legendary sportsman at the gold club for his age and skill. The grandfather to four told reporters that he is the eldest still playing the 18 holes. The Scotchman's club has many elderly members who have played at the course for many years.

"There are quite a few in their 80s," said Watts, affirming that he will play the sport as long as he is able. "We are a club of senior people. The friendship is important. Many people play golf and they don't do it because they hate it. They do it because they really enjoy it."