$99 HP TouchPad Now Available in White?

As the availability of the HP TouchPad winds down, the company has begun to reveal more devices that were scheduled to release with webOS before its discontinuation.

Among those devices are the Pre 3 4G smartphone for AT&T, the Veer 4G smartphone, the black TouchPad 4G for AT&T and the white European TouchPad.

The white European TouchPad has especially stirred the interest of many because of its improved specs over the original black tablet, including a faster 1.5GHz processor and 64GB storage.

However, the updated tablet is not expected to go on sale.

Reports indicate that 200,000 TouchPads will soon be shipped to retailers. These may be the final TouchPads available to the public, but specifically what kind of TouchPads they are is still unknown.

After disappointing sales of the TouchPad due to the immense popularity of Apple's iPad, HP decided to discontinued the tablet computer and retailers dropped its original $499 price to just $99.

The TouchPad went into high demand at the liquidated price, with many stores selling out several times.

HP is planning on having a special sale of TouchPads specifically for employees on September 28 for $99 and $149.

Techies however expect to see the device hit eBay shortly after September 28, where they would unsurprisingly be marked up.

Amazon is currently selling the 16GB TouchPad for around $250.

The original TouchPad's specs include a 1.2Ghz QualComm Snapdragon Dual-Core processor, 1GB ram and a sleek and slim design.

Despite having a great deal of publicity, most did not feel that the tablet was worth the same $499 price tag as the iPad.

However, several TouchPad owners have since expressed on various websites such as Amazon that they are extremely pleased with their tablets and even prefer it to the iPad.