$99 HP TouchPad Sale: New Release of Tablets to Hit Stores Within Weeks

Hewlett Packard’s discontinued TouchPad will receive another run some time in October, when it has been reported the company will release 200,000 more TouchPads to “satisfy unfulfilled demand.”

The huge TouchPad sale originally saw the tablet sell for $99 for the 16 GB device and $149 for the 32 GB device.

That sale took place in late August, and due to the heavily discounted prices saw the tablets sell out everywhere offering the tablet at the reduced price.

Upon its release the HP Touchpad was unable to compete with the popularity of Apple’s coveted iPad 2 and within months the tablet had sold so badly that HP announced it would discontinue the product.

The TouchPad was criticized for a small app portfolio of only 300 apps, which ultimately was unable to compete with the massive app selection of Apple and Android devices.

The product also boasted the unattractive mobile operating system, the WebOS.

Upon discontinuing the production of the HP Touchpad the company announced it would be flogging the tablet for a price as low as $99. That sparked an extraordinary reaction as consumers flocked to stores and online stores to purchase the Touchpad wherever it was available. Within days stocks had been exhausted in the United States, Canada and even in Europe.

For months now eager consumers who missed out on the previous sale have been eagerly awaiting a new release of the tablets, and reports are that thousands should be stocking various stores within October.

However, it was announced that sellers would be granted the liberty to determine their own prices; some may opt not to sell the product at its $99 mark. That is a concern, especially considering the fact that shops now know that a huge demand is there with only a limited number of units being made available in the final run of the Touchpad.

Consumers continue to wait for HP to announce their specific plans, but should expect an announcement within the coming weeks. The wait may soon be over!