$99 HP TouchPad Sales: Last 200,000 Units to Arrive

HP's last batch of TouchPad tablets will consist of up to 200,000 units as the company looks to quench "unfulfilled demand."

The Digitimes reported that HP originally made orders to Inventec, it's ODM (original design manufacturer) partner, for up to 1.1 million TouchPad tablets. Some 900,000 have been delivered so far. The remaining 200,000 units would be sold as an attempt to help suppliers clear out inventories as well as maintain good relationships with the companies involved.

As for HP maintaining the uber cheap $99 tag in this second wave of sales, this price cannot be guaranteed.

To date, HP has made no mention it would change the price of the tablet but at the same time made no mention it would maintain it either.

Especially after the success of the TouchPad fire sale that initiated the TouchPad buying frenzy and ended in the device selling out in a couple of days across the nation and in Canada, HP might be fancying the idea of charging a bit more to reduce the $200 it loses every time the 9.7-inch tablet is sold at $99.

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Last month, HP announced it would discontinue its mobile operating system platform, the webOS, along with production of its HP TouchPad tablet. As a result, HP slashed the TouchPad's regular price from $399 to $99.