$99 HP TouchPad Update: 'Productive TouchPadLess Monday!'

Spokesperson and social media manager at HP, Bryna Corcoran, tweeted earlier today, "I declare this Monday 'Productive TouchPadLess Monday!'" in a posting aimed at $99 TouchPad-hungry customers.

Those who learned about HP's fire sale a little bit too late were not able to get their hands on one, but had their hopes revived when HP announced the following message via twitter, "HP getting more stock of TouchPad early in the week." That was last Monday.

Unfortunately, whatever the days HP considered "early in the week," customers didn't see new TouchPads on that day or on Tuesday, Wednesday, or the rest of the week.

HP has been keeping us intrigued over the $99 TouchPad, which may now be valued even more after several programmers have announced it would get the TouchPad running on the Android platform. Although media outlets have expressed skepticism over running Android on the TouchPad and achieving a good level of performance, it hasn't abated fanfare enthusiasm that gets people to continue to type in "TouchDroid" in search engines.

Potential customers tweeted about their hope of HP getting more TouchPads:

@BrynaAtHP I'm starting to lose the faith!!! Should I have camped out in front of BB???

@BrynaAtHP @markathp I appreciate what you did mark but shouldnt this have been done earlier? You put everyone on full tilt for two weeks!

Tweets by Ineesbye and Maximuxxchan respectively.

HP has made available a FAQ page for the TouchPad where it attempts to answer the piles of questions received by people who have either ordered or plan to order a TouchPad. But the most relevant question on it for now seems to be:

Q: When is HP getting more HP TouchPads? One week, two weeks, a month?

To which HP answered: We will have more information available in the next few days about whether or not more will be available and if so, what the details will be about the situation.

For the complete FAQ page or to keep yourself updated with the latest news on the $99 TouchPad visit: