A Big Tip Blessing

 More waiters from across the country – and at least one in Mexico – have received hefty tips of as much as $10,000 with the words "God bless!" scrawled across the receipt and the handle @tipsforjesus stamped next to the signature.

Just after 12 a.m. on Sunday, a waiter at the Seagrape eatery by the beach in Fairfield, Conn., got a $5,000 gratuity on a $112 bill, The Associated Press reports.

Earlier this month, a waiter at the NoMad Hotel restaurant received a tip of $7,000, according to the newswire. Similarly, a waiter at the Hungry Cat in Los Angeles, Calif., got a tip of $1,000 from a group of three men, restaurant spokeswoman Jannis Swerman was quoted as saying.

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