A Christian Call For Courage

 We live now in a time of great courage. More people are suffering for their faith in Christ than perhaps at any other time in history. Christians are suffering in Muslim countries in many places in Africa, southern Asia, and the Middle East. Not only are churches burned with worshippers locked inside, and other Christians are severely tortured – but more "camouflaged" persecution continues, too, with harsh discrimination in jobs, education, housing and other necessities. In some countries like Afghanistan, no churches are even allowed, and it is a capital crime either to communicate the Gospel or to commit to Jesus Christ. We support a minister in Afghanistan who baptized dozens of new believers in the last year alone. He and these other born-again people daily risk death for Jesus. We need to pray for all of the brothers and sisters in these lands of oppression – for the Lord's protection and for them to have the gift of courage.

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