A Day of Dialogue Between Different Views

 A Colorado-based family values organization will be holding a nationwide event focused on high school students discussing matters of Christian faith and morality.

Known as the Day of Dialogue, the event will take place next Thursday with the hopes of having Christian teenagers engage in conversation with non-like-minded friends on these issues.

Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family, told The Christian Post that the Day of Dialogue is meant to counter one-sided presentations of social issues.

"It seems like more than ever before, students in public schools are encountering often confusing discussions about topics like homosexuality, same-sex marriage and gender identity," said Cushman.
"All too often, these subjects are presented in a one-sided way that is extremely disrespectful of parental rights and students' religious freedoms."

Cushman also told CP that the Day of Dialogue is meant to "create a safe space for students to express a faith–based point of view in a loving and respectful manner, and to proclaim their desire to take the first stand against any form of bullying as Christians."

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