A Free Speech Victory for the Pro-Life Movement

 In a strongly worded unanimous U.S. Supreme Court opinion in McCullen vs. Coakley, a Massachusetts law aimed at pro-life activists seeking to counsel women seeking an abortion was struck down due to its "truly exceptional" and "extreme" approach to limiting free speech.

The law created a 35 foot "buffer zone" around abortion facilities that prevented peaceful engagement with women seeking an abortion.

The case was brought to the court by Eleanor McCullen, who has been credited with saving hundreds of lives through her peaceful conversations outside abortion facilities, informing them of alternatives to abortion.

"Many women have abortions because they feel they have no other option or because they are pressured by a boyfriend or parent," McCullen said in a press release. "Today's ruling means I can offer loving help to a woman who wants it, and neither of us will go to jail for the discussion. I am delighted and thankful to God that the Court has protected my right to engage in kind, hopeful discussions with women who feel they have nowhere else to turn."

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