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A Hot Air Balloon That Will Take People 20 Miles Above Earth?

A Hot Air Balloon That Will Take People 20 Miles Above Earth?

Just imagine a hot air balloon that has the ability to take tourists an unthinkable 20 miles above the earth. World View Enterprises, a space-tourism company, wants to make this possible for all who are interested and have the money to pay for it.

Their website's description of this incredible journey reads: "Imagine floating in the immensity of space, gazing at spectacular views of our planet – the curvature of the earth, its biosphere and atmosphere, painted in saturated hues of white, blue and green against the blackness of an infinite cosmos."

This is the same type of balloon used to get Felix Baumgartner up to space during his 128,000 foot Red Bull jump from the edge of space. According to the CEO, the flight broke the record for highest parafoil fligt of 120,000 feet!

In terms of pricing, you're looking at about $75,000 per person when 2016 rolls around. Each capsule will hold up to six passengers and the capsule will float above the earth for approximately 2 hours before it descends.

For a closer look, check out this video!


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