A Prayer Storm for D-Day

 A growing online group of Christians emphasizing the spiritual power of repentance is holding a "D-Day 70th Anniversary Prayer Storm" in an effort to push back evil in the world, organizers announced on Monday.
"We believe the 70th anniversary of D-Day is a spiritually significant time to celebrate freedom from tyranny, gifted to mankind by Jesus, and it is a monumental day that represents true self-sacrifice for the freedom of others," writes Pastor Jeff Daly, co-director of the National Day of Repentance and author of Repentance: God's Strategy to Bless a Nation, in an online announcement about the event.

"On Friday, June 6, 2014, many of 'His people, called by His name' in over 30 nations will be part of a 'Prayer Storm' to 'scale the cliffs and attack evil' – in their lives and in their nations – in the same way that thousands of brave men took the cliffs of Normandy in WWII," co-sponsors Capitol Hill Prayer Partners and National Day of Repentance stated.

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