A Radio Revelation

GLENDALE, Calif. – Working as a phone call screener and talk show host for one of the most listened to rock 'n' roll stations in Southern California for more than 20 years, Frank Sontag confesses that as a "new ager" and someone who had not yet accepted Jesus Christ he didn't really want to hear what Christians, who called into the station to talk about the Gospel, had to say – he hung up on them.

"They would start reading Scripture and I could not hang up on them fast enough," said Sontag, talking to The Christian Post inside the Glendale, Calif., studio of Christian radio station KKLA 99.5 during a break of his new show. "I would hide under the guise that this isn't a religious show and if I allowed you to preach from your book, anybody can call with their book and preach, and that wouldn't be good."

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