A Star-studded Season Finale for 'Supernatural': Updates and Spoilers for the Long-time Running TV Series

As the series comes to an end more plot twists as well as casts will be unveiled.
Reuters(From left) Actors Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard

"Supernatural" has finally reached the end of its rope as the season finale will hit the TV screens on the 13th of October. With eleven seasons under its belt that has aired for 11 years since 2005 will have even more revelation to its already intricate plot. With an all-star cast as part of its arsenal, Supernatural's 12th and final season is set to go out in a bang, topping last season's explosive rating.

A mother and sons reunion

The final season's plot will center upon the resurrection of Mary, Sam and Dean's mother who was also once a hunter, played by Samantha Smith. After a 30-year long absence from their life, Mary is set to reconcile their bond as mother and sons. The question of whether her return will leave both brothers vulnerable to their enemies is looming above their heads like one giant broadsword that is about to drop in a slight blow of the wind.

Castiel is back with a vengeance

Cas or Castiel, played by Misha Collins, from season four is also back, but this time as an angry boy who is out for Lucifer's throat. The once shy and ready-to-cry-himself-silly character has just turned 180 degrees, and is now ready to shed some blood, preferably Lucifer's.

Jared Padalecki, playing the role of Sam Wenchester who is one of the main characters of the drama series, is also okay and in good health although he is a little worse for wear after being shot and kidnapped from the last season.

Although missing he is not to fret because his brother Dean, played by Jansen Ackles, and returning mother. The intention of Men of Letters will also be revealed in the final season, whether they are the brothers' foe or friend, the viewers and fans will just have to find out.

Lucifer is still wrecking havoc

Lucifer will also have a new vessel in the persona of Rick Springfield and the hunt for him still rages on. Will the brothers be able to nail him this time?, again you will just have to follow the series to the end.

Merely a 'rumor'?

A season spoiler also came out that Sam might finally die this time, as a final act of sacrifice like all those clichés out there? Maybe or maybe not.

To go out in a blaze of glory

This year's series ender is littered with stars and surprises, and those are just some of the juicy details. More is bound to appear as the season progress.

"Supernatural" Season 12 is also in a tight spot to be at par, or maybe even surpass, the last year's 11th season.