Aaliyah New Album Coming Soon, Says Producer

A new Aaliyah album could be on its way, according to a producer who previously worked with the deceased R&B artist.

Aaliyah's new album, which would be released 11 years after her death, was tweeted about by producer Jeffery "J. Dub" Walker, who was hired to Blackground Records - the label responsible for Aaliyah's three albums.

"Just got great news today; the smash unreleased song called 'Steady Ground' I produced on #Aaliyah is gonna be on her upcoming album:)," tweeted the producer Sunday.

The tweet has since been taken down from Walker's Twitter account @JDUBAKAGOAT, but the effect it had has been enormous. Almost overnight, a flurry of speculation has broken regarding the deceased artist's possible release.

While rumors of a new Aaliyah album have always surfaced from time to time, this rumor is substantially more credible, as Walker is a member of production team The Hitmen, which helped produce "Steady Ground" years ago.

The late Stephen "Static Major" Garett, who wrote Aaliyah's hits "Are You That Somebody?" and "Try Again," was also featured on the ballad, giving the conjecture more standing in the eyes of the hip-hop community.

"Steady Ground" was leaked years ago in 2009, but the song could be compiled along with other unreleased Aaliyah material to create a new album.

In addition, highly sought-after mega-producer Timbaland has confirmed that he produced at least 15 tracks for the upcoming album, although they may not make the final cut, according to 24hourhiphop.com.

Producers performed a similar feat with Aaliyah's last two posthumously released albums. I Care 4 U was distributed in 2002, just a year after the singer's untimely death in a Bahamas plane crash. It went on to sell 1.7 million copies, despite it being a compilation album.

Ultimate Aaliyah was released in 2005.

Blackground Records, which is backed by Interscope, has not confirmed nor denied the rumors.