American Idol Judges 2013: Show Leans On Familiar Faces Amid Racism Allegations

American Idol is preparing for its 13th season and rumors are swirling that a few familiar faces will be back at the judges table.

The main focus of the show's producers is Jennifer Lopez, who was a judge on Idol for two seasons, in 2011 and 2012.

Producers are also talking with season three alum-turned-Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, who has long been believed to be close to finalizing a deal. Keith Urban, the well-liked country star and season 12 judge, looks set to return, and the show might add, who spent the last two seasons as a coach on the U.K. version of The Voice.

While those potential candidates may take some time in order to decide if they want to join the show a former judge recently revealed that her time on the show was a "blessing."

Nicki Minaj, the 30-year-old rapper, does not regret serving as a judge for season 12 of American Idol despite some of the flack she may have received for controversy that she caused on the nationally televised singing competition.

"My experience was great! It was a blessing," she recently revealed to E! News. "I had a wonderful time and I learned a lot about myself; I learned a lot about the world's perception of me. And I think it was a great thing for hip-hop to see me transcend, and then I can come back and still do the BET Awards and still be authentic in what I do."

Minaj served as a judge with the likes of singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, singer Keith Urban and the series veteran and record producer, Randy Jackson. Despite the well-known names on the judges's panel, publications like Forbes and The New York Daily News reported that American Idol underwent its biggest ratings drop in over a decade.