Aaron Hernandez Ammo Found in Mystery Apartment: Possible Link to Murder Weapon

Ammo from the same caliber gun used to kill Odin Lloyd has been discovered in an apartment leased out by Aaron Hernandez.

The police search was conducted on June 26th. On Wednesday it was confirmed that a white hoodie believed to have been worn by Hernandez on the night of the killing and ammunition belonging to a .45 caliber gun were discovered in the leased apartment. The bullet that killed Lloyd also came from a .45 caliber gun.

A baseball cap, a jersey bearing Hernandez's name, and a valet ticket for the hotel that was near where the fight originally occurred, were also found according to CNN. A second man arrested in the case, Carlos Ortiz, who is believed to be a long time friend of Hernandez, disclosed the apartment to police.

"Hernandez has a second place that not many people know about," Ortiz said according to warrants. Ortiz also confirmed that he and Hernandez went to the apartment after Lloyd's death.

Currently facing charges for first degree murder, Hernandez has been placed in a cell by his self and will not be able to make contact with other inmates for at least another week, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said during an interview with the NFL radio. The officer said that officials are interested in seeing how the other inmates will react to Hernandez and how Hernandez responds to those reactions.

"Now he's in an unit where the inmates, although only one person in that unit can be out at a time, he would still be, for example, in the common area where inmates can walk up to their cell door and see from inside their cells through a glass window and can speak through that door," Hodgson told the station. "We want to see what reaction we're going to get from those inmates in that unit and how he reacts to that."