Aaron Hernandez Linked to Multiple Fights, One Mediated by Tim Tebow

As the investigation into Aaron Hernandez continues, the former New England Patriot tight end has now been linked to multiple other fights, many including firearms. And in one 2007 incident, Tim Tebow was listed as a witness.

New evidence has continued to surface in the case against Aaron Hernandez, who has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd. The dispute between Lloyd and Hernandez began with a fight at a nightclub and ended days later with Lloyd's body discovered only a mile from Hernandez's house. But the fight between the NFL player and Lloyd was not uncommon behavior for Hernandez, according to multiple reports that have now surfaced.

During a 2007 incident Hernandez was charged with bursting the ear drum of a wait staff member at a restaurant called The Swamp in Gainesville, Fla. Hernandez, who was 17 at the time, punched a waiter who was escorting him out following a dispute over an unpaid bill. Tim Tebow, then a college football player, was listed as a witness to the attack according to a police report obtained by Fox News. Tebow allegedly attempted to diffuse the situation, asking Hernandez to leave peacefully.

A man has also filed suit against the former Patriot for a February incident during which he accuses Hernandez of shooting him in the face with a gun. Alexander Bradley, originally from Connecticut, claims that he lost one of his eyes during a dispute with Hernandez outside a strip club in Palm Beach County. Bradley was found bleeding in alley after the attack, but failed to identify Hernandez as his attacker. Before the incident the two were allegedly friends who hung out from time to time.

Hernandez has also been questioned as a suspect in a July 2012 shooting in Boston, which left two men dead. The shooting occurred after another fight at a nightclub but Bristol police have not yet confirmed Hernandez as a suspect.