Aaron Hernandez Paranoid: Former Gang Member Feared for Life

Former New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez was allegedly paranoid before his arrest, fearing that members from his old gang were out to kill him.

Aaron Hernandez was arrested on Wednesday and has been charged with planning the execution of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. But prior to his arrest, sources have stated that Hernandez was paranoid about someone from his past coming back to kill him.

The tight end previously belonged to a neighborhood gang while attending high school in Bristol, Connecticut, according to TMZ. The player was attempting to break ties with his past, and had been doing so for over a year, but unsuccessfully according to the report. The report claimed: "Aaron believed people in the gangster world felt Aaron owed them something ... but it wasn't all about money -- they wanted his time and respect."

In August of 2012 Hernandez was offered a five-year contract extension from the Patriots. The contract included a $12.5 million sign on bonus, the largest sign on bonus ever extended to a tight end. That world came tumbling down on Wednesday after the Patriots released Hernandez from the team. The 23-year-old was escorted in hand cuffs and charged with first degree murder in addition to five firearms charges.

Sources reported that Hernandez had become "paranoid" leading up to the murder. The player feared "people from his 'old lifestyle' were trying to kill him," TMZ reported.

Police charged Hernandez with being a key player in Lloyd's death.

"He orchestrated the crime from the beginning and took steps to conceal and destroy evidence," prosecutors said.

Lloyd sent a text message to a family member after Hernandez and his two men picked him up, stating that he was with the former NFL player.

"Just so you know," one of the text messages said according to prosecutors.

Lawyers for Hernandez have stated that the evidence against their client is "circumstantial" and that it is "not a strong case."