Aaron Paul- 'Marriage is Easy'

Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad" fame gushed about his new wife Lauren Parsekian on the red carpet during the Emmy Awards Sunday. He married the documentary filmmaker in May after meeting her at a Coachella music festival.

Aaron Paul called his Parisian-themed wedding in Malibu, Calif. "the greatest experience of my entire life" when asked about the event. Parsekian was his guest on the red carpet, and the two held hands, kissed and looked adorable together.

"And she's still with me, which is just fantastic," Paul told People magazine. "Four months strong. Marriage is easy."

For Paul, who has been acting since age 17, he knew that Parsekian was the one just a few hours after meeting her. Their "magical" romance began at the music festival.

"The first night her and I hung out, we had our first kiss on the Ferris wheel. I told her that night that one day I was going to marry her. We knew it was something so magical," he continued.

Paul and Parsekian didn't want to ruin the magic, and decided to go with traditional values- they waited until after they were man and wife to move in together.

"We wanted something to look forward to," the 34-year-old actor admitted. "Being roommates with is the best."

Paul also told E! News' Giuliana Rancic that he and his new wife are "ridiculously in love."

"I can't even explain to you, it's just such an obsession I have. I always constantly ask her, 'Is it weird being so perfect? Is it fun being so fun? Is it hard being the most beautiful person on the planet?'" Paul said. "It's on a daily basis, that's just how it is."

Although neither Paul nor Cranston won an Emmy Award at the 2013 Emmys, "Breaking Bad" did win for best drama, and Anna Gunn for best supporting actress. Paul has won best supporting actor twice, in 2010 and 2012, for his role as Jesse Pinkman.