Aaron Shust to Welcome Third Son After Tragedy With Second

Serving God through the good times and bad is what many strive for – until bad times hit and we learn how conditional our faith has been. But contemporary Christian artist Aaron Shust has proven to be a man of unshakable faith, experiencing tragedy with his second son’s illness. The artist and his wife are now preparing to welcome their third child.

““My hope is in you, Lord/All the day long/I won’t be shaken by drought or storm,” Shust sings on the current number one single “My Hope Is In You." Last year, when his son Nicky became ill, he found comfort in singing these  words while in the midst of turmoil.

Nicky was diagnosed with the rare disease eosinophilic esophagitis. The disease caused Nicky’s body to reject food because cells that were in his esophagus had moved into his lungs. His particular case was more severe than doctors had ever seen. Because of the newness of the disease, there was no cure offered.

Seeing his son suffer was extremely difficult, but Shust said he never felt resentment toward God, but felt as though God had prepared him for the experience.

“My wife, Sarah, and I had multiple conversations and one along the lines of, ‘If we ever have children, if God ever blesses us with giving us children, we have to remember that they are not ours. They are His – that we are the caretakers.’”

"'We are to be good stewards of these children that God’s given us and if God chooses to let them live for 90 years or nine minutes, then that’s part of His perfect plan.’ And I think conversations like that, albeit strange, I think those conversations were prompted by God, by the Spirit, so that when Nicky got sick, not that we knew it was coming, we felt, ‘Wow God, You prepared us for this.’”

Clinging to his faith, Shust was able to see the tragic situation with his son turn into something brighter. After watching Nicky suffer and knowing the prognosis of the doctor, Nicky was taken in for further testing.