ABC to Probe 'The Ten Commandments' in New Series

ABC will be launching a new special series Thursday that will examine how the Ten Commandments are being applied in today's world.

Starting with "Though Shalt Not Commit Adultery," ABC News' Nightline program will tackle each commandment during its "The Ten Commandments" series, looking at what they mean, and how they apply to life in the 21st century.

Thursday's program, which was taped last week at the Fellowship Church in Dallas, pits two Christian ministers against two advocates of adultery in the same format as Nightline's "Face-Off."

The question: Were we "born to cheat?"

"Infidelity can save your marriage," argued Founder Noel Biderma, whose website has offered a way for married men and women to pursue affairs.

It's better to have an affair than to get divorced, he maintained during the taping for Thursday's program.

In following episodes, ABC Nightline anchors and correspondents will talk to businessmen, physicians and scholars from Texas to as far as Israel.

Featured will be Chick Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, who will explain why being closed on Sunday makes great business sense for "Remember to Keep the Sabbath Holy;" "Dr. Death" of New Zealand, who will talk about euthanasia for "Thou Shalt Not Kill," and people from Egypt and Israel who will talk about the commandments and how they came to be for "There is Only One God."

Nightline's "The Ten Commandments" series kicks off with the first episode Thursday at 11:35 p.m. ET.