'Abduction' Star Taylor Lautner Praises Kristen Stewart's Vampire Look

Teen-heartthrob Taylor Lautner, the star of “Abduction,” recently praised “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart’s look as the vampire Bella in “Breaking Dawn.”

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Lautner told the celebrity news outlet , “[Bella is] pretty hot [as a vampire]!”

“Pretty hot, I’ve gotta admit it,” he said smiling. It seems the young man is blown away by Stewart’s dark side.

Unfortunately, Bella and Kristen Stewart’s long-time love doesn’t feel the same.

According to sources, Robert Pattinson recently interviewed with French magazine Premiere in which he described his on-again, off-again girlfriend in a not so flattering light.

“There are scenes were Bella looks like an alien,” Pattinson told Premiere. “When the baby eats her from inside, she looks so thin and ghastly.”

Blood-sucking women aren’t the only thing that Lautner looks forward to. The America’s Teen Wolf Taylor Lautner is no longer howling at a full moon but rather breaking the dawn in his latest movie “Abduction.”

The Twilight phenomenon will soon make a headlining debut sans his cinematic partners, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, when “Abduction” hits theaters this Friday.

The pressure, however, won’t be from Edward Cullen but from film critics ready to analyze his acting chops.

“Abduction” is expected to determine if Lautner is a box office hit and not just a typecast.

"I'd be lying if I said I did not feel any pressure whatsoever right now," Lautner told Reuters. "But I'm trying not to focus on that."

In “Abduction,” Lautner plays Nathan Harper, a young man who in search of his true identity after he comes across an image of himself as a missing person. The John Singleton-directed film, which Nathan Harper is targeted by a team of trained assassins, follows the same high-energy action as the “Bourne Identity.”

Taylor expressed to Reuters that he was excited to use his marital arts skills and athleticism.

“I fell in love with the character, the journey he went on,” said Lautner. “I knew it would be challenging for me physically and emotionally."