Abigail Hernandez Missing: Family Received Letter from Missing Teen, Authorities Reveal

Abigail Hernandez, 15, went missing from her high school in New Hampshire in October. New evidence suggests that the teen may be in contact with her mother, reports state, which puts the case in a whole new light and could lead to her being reunited with her family once and for all.

According to CBS, FBI found activity on the teen's cell phone around the time she went missing, but they released no further details. Hernandez was last seen leaving Kennett High School in Conway, New Hampshire, headed home on the normal route she took. However, when her parents returned home, she was nowhere to be found.

"This is still nothing more than a missing person case," FBI Special Agent Kiernan Ramsey said in October, "but we are leveraging every tool, every technique, and every resource we have in hopes of bringing young Abby home to her family. There is no piece of information too small or insignificant to help us locate Abigail. We continue to be asked what we know about the investigation and we continue to answer with what we don't know – and that is, 'Where is Abigail at this very moment.'"

Her family has appeared on TV to ask for Abigail to return home, and the FBI has been working with local law enforcement to find the teen. During a news conference today, the FBI and law enforcement announced that they received a letter from a source they believe to be Abigail Hernandez. They did not reveal contents of the letter, hoping to avoid copycat letters that may cause false leads and send authorities down the wrong path.

Right now authorities are afraid that she is either on her own or receiving some help from someone, either a captor or a "good Samaritan" who believes s/he is helping. Authorities implored the girl or anyone in contact with her, to bring her home for a reunion. They assured the public that they would continue working the case for as long as possible.