'Abortion Battles' YouTube Video Shows Students Trying to 'Kill' With Plastic Knives

A YouTube video of students at New York City's Hunter College making fun of abortion in a game called "Abortion Battles" has drawn the ire of many people, including pro-choice proponents who think the game is twisted and insensitive.

The original video that sparked the outrage is titled "Chaz's 20th Birthday Hunter College," and has since been removed from YouTube, but several copies have replaced it. The video shows a group of young men simulating pregnancy by stuffing blown up balloons under their shirts and then battling with plastic knives to see who can kill the other's pretend baby first. They are refereed by a young female.

 Marco Rosales, who reportedly posted the original video to YouTube, said of the game, "We were introduced to this epic game called Abortion Battles. It's somewhat unorthodox, but it's really fun! Lol!"

In the video, the winner of the first battle shouts, "I've got my fetus," after puncturing the balloon under the shirt of his first conquest, then declares, "Whose kid is next!?"

As the jousting begins in a second battle, the male student recording the battle shouts, "Kill that baby yo! Kill that baby!" The champion from the first battle wins that battle again. The videographer then hands the camera to another student and victoriously challenges the champion. They then try to get other students in the class involved in the game, including the "birthday boy," but those students refuse to join.

Pro-choice supporter and assistant editor of The Urban Daily wrote in an op-ed piece that the video was disturbing.

"As a man who is pro-choice, this game is still despicable. While I do believe a woman has a right to choose whether she wants to parent her child or terminate the pregnancy, you won't catch me out here stuffing balloons under my shirt and grabbing my fork to go 'kill some babies.' That is just insane to me. Surely, there are better games to play in college. These kids need to find better ways to release some tension in between classes," wrote Hailey.

Another critic commenting on a CBS news report on the video called it, "disgusting" and attributed the behavior of the students in the video to exposure to cartoons with inappropriate messaging.

"DISGUSTING!!! This is what you get from school kids raised up watching cartoons like Family Guy, or some parts of Adult Swim. Some of those prime time new cartoons are very clever and entertaining, then suddenly, they become either overly bloody or gratuitously cruel," said commenter San Rafael Blue.

Other viewers of the video said it is harmless fun and the uproar over the video is much too sensitive of a reaction to silliness. "If Americans get any more 'Sensitivity Training' from people who are looking to be offended, we will ALL be running around with Tampons in our Purses," said commenter rascalflattsfanatic.

"Nothing funny about killing babies. Abortion is murder," replied another commenter identified as The Facts.

The Christian Post contacted Hunter College for comment on the video on Friday and a representative said: "The investigation is ongoing and until we have all the information, Hunter cannot comment beyond saying that this was something spontaneous that happened in the cafeteria and it was not sanctioned by the college. Any activity that is sanctioned has to have gone through an approval process. There is no record of such a request having been made in this case."

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