Accidental Racist Spoof on 'SNL' Makes Waves

"Saturday Night Live" has offered a comedic take on Brad Paisley and L.L. Cool J's controversial new song, "Accidental Racist."

The unusual duet sparked outrage with many critics accusing the singers of trivializing slavery. However, both Paisley and Cool J have defended the song.

Just days after the song about modern-day racial tension made headlines, "SNL" included the topic on their "Weekend Update" segment on Saturday.

"SNL" stars Kenan Thompson and Jason Sudeikis portrayed the rapper and the country music star in the spoof, respectively.

During a mock interview with anchor Seth Meyers, Thompson in character as Cool J states, "We did it, racism's over!"

Continuing to mock Paisley and Cool J's comments about the song, in-character Sudeikis said, "What I wanted to do was show folks the gritty racial reality of a man at Starbucks talking to his barista."

"We know the song's not perfect," Sudeikis added, to which LL Cool J joked, "It's not even good, musically or lyrically. All we're trying to do is start a conversation."

Watch the clip from "SNL" on YouTube here.

Among Saturday's viewers was Paisley, who posted his reaction to the spoof.

"Well, we wanted to start the conversation. This is fantastic," the singer posted to Twitter along with a photo from the spoof.

Paisley defended "Accidental Racist" while on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno last week.

"I'm getting into some subjects that don't come up very often in country music, like racism and I think it's time … 'American Saturday Night … Welcome to the future."

Meanwhile, among the contentious lyrics in "Accidental Racist" include Paisley singing, "Our generation didn't start this nation / we're still paying for mistakes that a bunch of folks made long before we came."

Then, Cool J raps: "Dear Mr. White Man, I wish you understood what the world is really like when you're livin in the hood / just because my pants are sagging doesn't mean I'm up to no good."

The song is on Paisley's new album "Wheelhouse."