'Act of Valor' Soundtrack Sees Keith Urban, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum

The upcoming film starring active-duty Navy Seals, "Act of Valor," has combined an inspirational story with an impressive soundtrack.

The "Act of Valor" soundtrack album, released earlier this week, includes songs by country artists Keith Urban, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum, Jake Owen, Trace Adkins, among others.

Urban lends his voice to the song "For You" to the film, which includes emotional insights into the lives of soldiers. Grammy Award-winning group Lady Antebellum contributes "I Was Here," about striding towards leading a purposeful life.

Wynonna Judd, formerly of the duo The Judds, offers a smooth score called "Whatever Brings You Back." Also, Lori McKenna sings "Two Soldiers Coming Home," which sings of the miraculous return of men of uniform "by the grace of God."

Additionally, a second soundtrack album that features the original score by film composer Nathan Furst is also available on Amazon and iTunes.

"Act of Valor" follows an elite team of Navy Seals that embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. The film offers a glimpse into the Seals' families' lives in the U.S. while the soldiers tour the Philippines, Somalia, and Mexico, among other places. The Seals also encounter terrorists who aim to strike America and are forced to engage in combat.

The action film does not feature trained actors, and the Seals in "Act of Valor" perform their own stunts. While the budget was modest, the production value did not suffer, and the battle scenes feature top-of-the-line equipment.

Known as the Bandito Brothers, Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh directed the film. "Act of Valor" stars Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez, and Nestor Serrano.

"Nobody from Hollywood wanted us to make it," said Waugh speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the film. "That's why we ended up funding it ourselves and finding private equity and why we really made a truly independent film with this."

At the premiere of the film last week in Hollywood, six Navy Seals dropped out of the sky via parachute to take to the red carpet. Tim Tebow, Arnold Schwarzengger, and Keith Urban also attended the premiere. The impressive entrance of the Seals was an attempt to lure viewers to the theater this weekend.

"We said to Hollywood in the beginning we don't have stars," continued Waugh. "We have heroes. They are real heroes. I think some eyes got opened up over the last year about our statement."

"Act of Valor" opens in theaters Friday, Feb. 24. Watch the trailer for the film here.