Actor Jeff Conaway Autopsy Reveals 'Major Internal Infection' Reason for Death

Four months after his May 27 death, the autopsy of Jeff Conway, 60, star of "Grease" and "Taxi," has finally been released, revealing a major internal infection as the cause of death.

The death was ruled accidental by the Los Angeles County coroner with several complications listed – septic emboli, encephalopathy, pneumonia, artery disease, and coronary artery disease.

Having a long history of drug addiction, Conway was last hospitalized for his addiction on May 10 after being found unconscious in his home.

At that time he was also struggling with a bout of pneumonia and sepsis as well as recovering from back surgery.

Conway never regained consciousness and was in a coma until his family took him off life support on May 27.

Aside from roles in various movies and TV shows, Conaway was on the first season of "Celebrity Rehab," where his addiction was heavily chronicled.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who is the host and doctor on "Celebrity Rehab," told the public that he doesn't believe drugs were the final cause of Conaway's death saying "aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis" is what he believed killed the actor.

Conaway got started in show business when he appeared in a number of commercials while still in college. His first movie role was in "Jennifer on My Mind." But he received his most success when cast as a character in the "Grease" play which later became the hit movie.

Before acting Conaway was in a 60s rock band as a guitarist and lead singer for the band 3 1/2, signed to Cameo Records releasing four singles from 1966-67.

Conaway's last musical venture was with his wife Vikki Spinoza, when in 2008 they released "Saints & Sinners," which featured Conaway doing singing vocals and rapping.