Actor John Corbett Talks Christian Faith, New Role as Reverend (Video)

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(Photo: Instagram)From the studios that brought you "War Room" and "Miracles From Heaven" comes "All Saints," in theaters August 25.

"Sex and the City" actor John Corbett plays a reverend in the newly released film "All Saints," and his time on screen as a man of the cloth has the actor opening up about his own personal faith.

In a recent interview, Corbett said that he went to Catholic school as a child.

"I went to Catholic school for 12 years and I was an altar boy for about seven of those years," Corbett told Fox News. "I spent a lot of time behind the scenes in churches.

"I [was] used to hanging out with priests and going out to dinner [with them]. I used to smoke cigarettes with my priest, Father Brown," he recollected.

The popular actor admitted that he attempted to become a born-again Christian in the 80s, but would soon return to his Catholic roots.

"I have a strong belief in God," Corbett continued. "I flew here from Los Angeles yesterday and I think I said three to four prayers before I got on the plane for my eternal soul if something happens on the plane."

"Nothing says I love you Jesus more than gospel music and mashed potaters," the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star stated while describing himself as a "gospel and brunch kind of guy."

Corbett admitted feeling prepared for his role in "All Saints" because of his past.

"This was just like being an altar boy again. I knew where everything was," he said.

"All Saints" hits theaters nationwide on Friday and is based on an inspiring true story that took place in 2008, involving a reverend who helped a group of impoverished Southeast Asian (Burmese) refugees make their home in the United States. In turn, they helped him save his small church.

The 56-year-old also shared that he does not like labeling the movie "faith-based."

"This is not a preachy story. This is just a true story about something that happened where a community got together and showed some refugees some love," he explained. "It's not a faith-based movie, it's a good old-fashioned true story."

For more information on "All Saints" the film, visit the website.

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