Actress Hair Falling Out: January Jones Says Hair Dyeing is Leaving Her Bald

Actress January Jones has claimed that her hair is "falling out in clumps" due to excessive hair dying.

The "Mad Men" actress admitted during a recent interview that she has experimented with every hue of the hair color rainbow, including blonde, brown, and red. The constant color swap, however, has taken its toll, according to the actress. She now says the she is going bald.

"I have been every colour and now my hair is falling out in clumps," she told the Grazia Daily magazine during her recent appearance at the Sundance Festival in Utah. She was referencing her film "Sweetwater" in which she appears as a redhead.

"I've been blonde, red with extensions for this film, then blonde, then black, and now blonde again," she said.

While the actress has said that she doesn't mind switching it up a bit, the constant dying appears to have her a bit concerned.

"I'm going to have to shave it off and wear a wig," she said. But her preference of color is blonde because it's how her son knows her best.

"I like it all colors, it makes you feel different according to what color it is, but I prefer to be blonde. My son recognizes me in photos when I am blonde," the actress revealed.

Jones also admitted that while she got the same attention when her hair was red and blonde, even her own family ignored her when she died her hair a darker shade.

"I didn't get treated differently when I was redheaded, but when I went dark for a few months, I was suddenly invisible," the actress told the magazine. "Not just as a celebrity, but to my friends and family. I was like, 'Come on you guys, it's me!"'