Actress Sleeps in Box: Tilda Swinton Naps in Glass Box for Art Performance Piece in NYC (PHOTO)

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(Reuters/file)Imprisoned in her glass 'coffin', actress Tilda Swinton performs "The Maybe" at the Serpentine Gallery September 4, 1995. In that performance, for seven days, eight hours a day, Swinton slept in the glass case as part of an art installation conceived by Cornelia Parker.

Actress Tilda Swinton is sleeping in a box on public show as part of a month long "art performance piece" in New York City.

The Scottish actress is well known for her often unconventional ways, and her latest project at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) certainly fits into that category.

Swinton was seen on Saturday sleeping in a glass box in the middle of MoMA as dozens of guests filtered past.

"Museum staff doesn't know she's coming until the day of, but she's here today. She'll be there the whole day. All that's in the box is cushions and a water jug," a museum staff member has said, according to the Atlantic Wire.

According to reports, Swinton will not be coming in every day, but will come in when she wants (or apparently when she fancies a nap). The glass box as well, will be moved to different areas of the museum over the course of the next month.

The performance art piece has been titled "The Maybe" and apparently Swinton has performed in the art piece on two previous occasions; firstly at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1995, and then a second time in Rome. This is the first time the actress has performed/slept for the piece in the United States.

Here is a video of Tilda Swinton at Paris fashion week recently: