Adam Lambert Lawsuit Dropped, Pre-'Idol' Album to Be Released

Adam Lambert's lawsuit dispute has finally been resolved, leaving him free to release his album "Beg For Mercy," which he made before getting on the popular singing show "American Idol."

Adam Lambert and Colwel Platinum Entertainment have mutually decided to drop the lawsuit, as both parties own an equal stake in the album.

"The Colwel Platinum Entertainment lawsuit against Adam Lambert has been resolved," the label stated. "Adam has withdrawn any objections to the release of 'Beg For Mercy' and he has approved the use of his songs and performances in these pre-Idol recordings which are interpretations of his artistic vision at the time."

Adam Lambert's legal problems began with Colwel Platinum Entertainment last November, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication stated that Lambert had been accused of interfering with the release of "Beg for Mercy," specifically by contacting Amazon with orders not to sell the album.

Colwel filed a lawsuit, stating that the entity owned 50 percent of the rights to the project, giving them legal rights to sell it, despite Lambert's insistence. They also cited the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which they claim Lambert violated when he contacted Amazon.

When news of the lawsuit broke, there had been speculation that Lambert was being sued for his participation in hit TV show "American Idol." Many fans of the show are aware that "American Idol" hopefuls are not supposed to have a record deal before appearing on the show.

However, Colwel seemed indifferent to his work on "Idol," and communicated that via their statement.

"Neither Colwel Platinum Entertainment, Inc. nor [record producer] Malcolm Welsford ever stated that Adam was not eligible to participate in 'American Idol' when he did so and regret that the lawsuit's allegations were misinterpreted," the firm said.

It isn't surprising that the company would not budge as far as releasing "Beg For Mercy." The album cost Colwel Platinum Entertainment over $200,000 recording with Lambert from 2007 to 2008.