Adam Lanza Bullied: Came Home With Bruises, Mother Bought Him Gun (VIDEO)

Adam Lanza may have targeted Sandy Hook Elementary school because he was bullied during his time there, a family member said in a recent report.

Lanza attended Sandy Hook Elementary school until he was in the sixth grade. During that time, one family member has claimed that the gunman, who killed 26 people during a December shooting, was abused by fellow classmates.

"Adam would come home with bruises all over his body," a family relative told The Daily News. "His mom would ask him what was wrong, and he wouldn't say anything. He would just sit there."

Lanza's mother, Nancy, became extremely concerned over the situation and even attempted to follow her son to school on some days to catch the kids who were abusing him.

"She was trying to get proof. She wanted to know where the bruises were coming from," the relative told the news source. The mother also feared that teachers were turning a blind eye.

"She was convinced the school wasn't doing enough to protect Adam. It made her irate," the relative continued.

Police search warrants, which were released at the end of March, reveal that Nancy Lanza supported her son's interest in firearms. A gun safe was discovered in Adam Lanza's room, according to the Associated Press, in addition to a holiday card with a check "made out to Adam Lanza for the purchase of a C183 (Firearm)," authored by Nancy Lanza.

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(Photo: Reuters/Courtesy Family of Nancy Lanza/ABC News/Handout)This undated photo provided by a family member to ABC News reportedly shows Nancy Lanza. Lanza was the mother of suspected gunman Adam Lanza involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, Dec. 14, 2012.

On the Dec. 14th shooting, Lanza was carrying four guns. It took him five minutes and 154 shots to kill 20 children with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle. He had 100 rifle bullets remaining when he pulled out a Glock handgun and shot himself. In an open locker at Lanza's home, four more guns were discovered in addition to other weapons.

Investigators found: a 7-foot pole with a blade on one side and a spear on another, a metal bayonet, three samurai swords, a .323-caliber bolt-action rifle, a .22-caliber Savage Mark II rifle and a .22-caliber Volcanic starter pistol, according to police reports obtained by Yahoo.

After sixth grade, Lanza's mother removed him from the school. But at this point it was too late, the family member said, because Lanza never appeared to be the same.

"He was a sick boy," the relative told the Daily News.

Footage of Adam Lanza as a kindergartener: