Adele Enlisting Beyonce to Help With HBO Documentary?

Adele, the 24-year-old British singer-songwriter, may be considering getting help from Beyonce Knowles to create an HBO documentary.

Adele performed at the performed recent 85th Annual Academy Awards singing "Skyfall," which she also received an Oscar award for in the category of Best Original Song. The new mother spoke about her upcoming plans for her career, referencing Knowles' recent success with her documentary.

"I dunno, maybe I'll do a HBO special like Beyoncé did," Adele was quoted by The Showbiz 411.

The comments came after Adele's first Oscar win and an emotional acceptance speech. According to ABC news, Adele was the most popular topic on Facebook and Twitter during the Oscars.

The British singer garnered 82,300 tweets per minute during her "Skyfall" performance, making it a top Oscar moment on Facebook according to ABC's assessment. If she does indeed decide to ask Knowles to help her create an HBO documentary, the singer may be looking at more success in the world of television.

Knowles, the 31-year-old singer, premiered her HBO documentary "Life is But a Dream" earlier this month and garnered record numbers. Nielsen ratings pegged Knowles' film at 1.8 million people, which is the largest that the HBO network has received for a documentary, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although Knowles is usually tight-lipped about her personal life, she spoke to The Associated Press at the film's New York premiere about her reasoning for creating the film.

"I felt that after 16 years of being a public singer, people didn't know who I was," Knowles told AP. "I will always keep certain things to myself because it's only natural."

The last documentary to come close to Knowles' success on HBO was Spike Lee's 2006 documentary, "When the Levees Broke," which garnered 1.7 million viewers according to MTV. While Knowles' documentary has been the most watched on the network in 10 years, time will tell if Adele decides to try her hand at creating a film about her personal life.