Adele Latest Victim of Cyber Bullying at Hands of Lady Gaga's Monsters

Fans of Lady Gaga are lashing out at Adele for selling more records than their beloved “mother monster” by taking to cyber bullying and name calling as the two battle it for the most records sold in the world.

At the moment Adele is selling one in every 10 records this year putting Gaga behind her.

Gaga's "little monsters" as she calls them, are taking Adele's climb to music supremacy personal and attacking the singer on her weight and appearance, and also her canceled tour.

An example of one such comment from Twitter read, "Confirmed: Gaga will not be wearing her meat dress because she is afraid Adele will eat it."

Gaga fans have also created parody videos and changed lyrics to songs to poke fun at Adele.

Adele has stated in many interviews that she is perfectly comfortable with her weight and look. Media outlets and fans alike also approve of Adele's absent sexualized image and support the positive and natural image she represents.

Mail Online reports an executive of Lady Gaga's record label said, "Lady Gaga does not approve of bullying anyone for their physical appearance, it goes against everything she stands for. A tiny handful of fans may be letting her down."

With that being said, many on Facebook feel the same way about Gaga's fans.

Nick Colella, a musician, said "I find it funny how Lady Gaga is all against bullying yet her fans attack Adele."

Alphonse Caputo shared Colella's sentiment and said, "The same singer that speaks out against bullying?! it shows these people's incompetence plain and simple."

Marina Vincent, a mother and former radio personality, said "The only reason they are bullying her is because they are intimidated by her classiness and star power and know that she is the only one that can beat lady gaga."

Amanda Lee also defended Adele and said, "Adele is gorgeousssss and Lady Gaga not addressing the situation is a little disappointing because she's 'against bullying' I guess her true colors have shown."

Taking the focus off the artists themselves, Jay Bee spoke about online bullying in general and said it shows cowardice. "Online bullying is disgusting regardless who the Target is.. people feel empowered behind their electronics because it doesn't show their faces. Jealousy is a sick disease."

Sensing Gaga will be taking the heat for something she had no direct control over, journalism student Vincent Balestriere said, "At what point did it become fair to judge a celebrity by the actions of her fanbase? Gaga's fans are haters, not her personally."

Broken Records Magazine owner and musician Scott Vollweiler disagrees with Balestriere and believes Gaga's fans are a reflection of her. "Her fans may very well be an extension of hers. Her monsters either act on their own or they are following her."

Michal Pando felt people on the Internet "should not take everything so seriously," while newspaper reporter Mark Stein questions the fans and said, "Why are these fans even wasting their time?"

Regardless of how Gaga's monsters react to Adele, she is currently in the American top five after 37 weeks on the Billboard charts for her album 21. 10 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Born This Way by Lady Gaga is out of the Top 40 after 24 weeks.