Adele's Father Makes Public Plea to 'Rolling in the Deep' Singer (VIDEO)

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(Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)Singer Adele holds her six Grammy Awards at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 12, 2012. Soul singer Adele triumphed in her return to music's stage on Sunday, scooping up six Grammys and winning every category in which she was nominated including album of the year for "21" and best record with "Rolling In the Deep."

Adele's father has admitted that he has had no contact with his global superstar daughter since he sold a story about her to the press in 2011.

Father, Mark Evans, has offered an insight into his relationship with Adele in a new interview with The Daily Mail, saying that she has completely shut him out of her life, and that he has no access to her three month old son.

Evans, who is now 49 years old, told Mail Online, "It breaks my heart that Adele is so hell-bent on cutting me off like this. I knew she had met her new fella ... but it was a bolt out of the blue when I found out she was expecting. As soon as I found out, I wanted more than ever to get in touch and meet up so I could see how she was with my own eyes and let her know I'm here for her."

Adele, 24, has felt betrayed by her father for speaking to the press about her as well as for leaving her mother when she was just a toddler. She has gone on to cut him off from her life completely. She has been dating the father to her son, Simon Konecki, for one year now, but has never allowed her father to meet him. According to various reports that is unlikely to change anytime soon as well.

Evans allegedly left Adele's mother when the singer was just three years old. Since that time their relationship has been very strained, and even more so over recent years since he sold his story to the press.

In February 2012, Adele expressed her hurt and anger that her father has cashed in on her fame. Speaking to Vogue magazine she said, "I was actually ready to start trying to have a relationship with him. He's ******* blown it. He will never hear from me again. There's consequences other than just getting a bit of ******* money that lasts you half a year. It blows my mind. 'I love her so much.' Really? Why are you telling me that through a newspaper?"

She added, "If I ever see him I will spit in his face."

However, Evans has sought to plea to his daughter again for yet another chance, but has decided to make the plea through a tabloid newspaper again. He recently told The Daily Mail, "I'm not interested in her celebrity status or her money, I just want my daughter back and I want to be a proper granddad to the little one. I'm missing out on so many of the joys of being a grandfather. Simple pleasures like taking him out for a walk in his buggy along the promenade at Penarth like I used to with Adele."

Here is a video of Adele's hit "Someone Like You":