Adele's Oscar Performance 2013: Has Singer Lost Voice? (VIDEO)

Adele has quickly become a crowd favorite and won numerous awards for her voice. But on Sunday night, during her Oscar performance, some fans raised concern as to whether the singer might be losing her chops.

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(PHOTO: YouTube Clips)Adele performs at 2013 Oscars.

Adele performed Sunday night during the 85th Annual Academy Awards singing "Skyfall," the same song for which she was awarded an Oscar for Best Original Song. The performance was one of Adele's few since the singer gave birth in October of last year to her first child.

The long hiatus for the new mother, who also hasn't produced any new music, has made some fans anxious and eager to hear more from the singer. However, following her Oscar performance some said that the 24-year-old was stunning, but others suggested that the singer's voice is not the same.

Adele had surgery for a vocal chord hemorrhage in 2011, prompting some to believe that her voice has been different ever since.

"Adele's voice sounded weak and guarded at the Oscar's - studio version much better... did she ever really recover from the throat surgery?" one fan asked on the Huffington Post wall.

"There's clearly something still wrong with her voice. Go and watch old vids of her singing live. Something's not right," another fan added.

A third fan said Adele was not up to par in comparison to others who took the stage on Oscar night.

"I like Adele usually, but the performance was not great. She paled in comparison to some of the great singers on the show (e.g., Streisand especially, Hudson, Zeta Jones, Hugh Jackman, etc.)," the blogger wrote.

Others blamed the sound team for not setting up appropriate microphones for the singer.

"Unfortunately, her voice was almost impossible to hear and sounded nothing like the version I heard in the film. The sound engineer should be 'whacked upside de head' for having Adele's microphone gain set way too low relative to the orchestra & choir," one fan suggested on a MTV blog.