Adriana Lima Pregnant: 'Boy or Girl, We'll Be Excited'

Adriana Lima, the famed Brazilian Victoria Secret model, is pregnant and expecting her second child. The sex of the baby isn't an issue, though.

"Boy or girl, we'll be excited either way," Lima told People. "As long as our baby is healthy, we're happy!"

Adriana Lima, 30 and her husband, Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, 33 will add another child to their steadily growing family, although the sex is still unknown. Lima told People magazine that she, her husband, and their 2-year-old daughter Valentina Lima Jaric are very "excited" about the arrival of another child.

"The entire family is very excited, especially Valentina," said the supermodel. "She keeps blowing kisses to my belly and saying, 'Kisses for the baby.'"

The model broke the news via her Twitter page for her most loyal fans first.

"Big news everyone! Marko and I are so happy to share some wonderful news with all of you! #ImPregnant," tweeted Lima.

Though Jaric and Lima haven't been married for very long- they wed on Valentine's Day in 2009- they already seem to be rapidly expanding their family. When Lima first met Jaric at a Los Angeles party in 2006, she knew what she wanted.

"I knew he was the one and I could see myself married to him and with a big family," she told People.

They wasted no time. Soon after the honeymoon, Lima found out she would be expecting her first child, Valentina. Although the pregnancy came as a surprise then, the two parents-to-be weren't worried.

"We are so excited!" she told People then. "We wanted this. We were ready."

Last year, Lima claimed that despite her successful career as one of the highest-earning models in the world, her passions have shifted- to mothering.

"The best job in the world for me is being a mom," Lima told People at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last year. "I never thought I could love so much. I always though, does unconditional love exist? Now I know it does because I feel it."