Adrianna Horton Missing, Family Friend Arrested for Kidnapping

Adrianna Horton, 12, has been missing since Monday, and as each day passes, her parents grow more concerned. A family friend has been arrested in connection with her kidnapping, but Horton still remains missing.

Bobby D. Bourne Jr., of Lockwood, Missouri, was arrested and held in Barton County jail on $1 million bond. He was taken into custody after police found a vehicle matching the description of the one Horton was seen getting into nearly 90 minutes earlier.

Horton went to a local park with her sisters and friends to celebrate the first day of school. Eyewitnesses said that Horton got into a truck after it stopped near the park and a man reportedly asked for someone to help him look for his own missing child. Horton volunteered to help and has not been seen since. Police have arrested Bourne and impounded his vehicle, which is being scoured for any trace of Horton.

"Everyone in the community is working really hard, trying to find her," Barton County Sheriff Mitchell Shaw told the Joplin Globe. "This is a very family-oriented community."

According to Adrianna's father, James, Bourne once worked for him and their children often played together. Over 400 volunteers have turned out to help look for the pre-teen, and authorities are working to try and get any information they can from Bourne.

"I just want my baby back in my arms," Wendi Jackson, Adrianna's mother, told the Joplin Globe.

"Everyone in the community has been very supportive. The school has been great," James added.

Adrianna is 4 feet, 5 inches and weighs 70 pounds. She has short brown hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion. Adrianna was last seen wearing a pink T-shirt with hearts on it and jean shorts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Barton County Sheriff's Department at (417) 682-5541.

Police are concerned that she could be in danger and have released an Endangered Person Advisory for the entire state of Missouri.