Adrienne Bailon Shares 'I'm in Love With a Church Girl' Movie's Message of Hope for Hopeless

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(Photo: Ignition PR)"I'm in Love With a Church Girl" movie still with Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon.

Adrienne Bailon, the star of "I'm in Love With a Church Girl," is sharing the message of hope for those who may not believe that God's promises apply to them.

"The film is actually based on the true-life story of the project's writer, Galley Molina. I think the biggest message in this movie is that your past does not determine your future," Bailon told Rolling Out magazine recently. "I think it has such a great message of hope, especially for people right now who feel hopeless - that feel they have done so much wrong."

Bailon, 30, plays the devout Christian girl Vanessa Leon in the movie who tries to convince her drug dealer boyfriend to submit to God in spite of his lifestyle. The real-life Christian actress said she hopes people watching the movie can submit to God despite their circumstances.

"God wants you to come as you are," she insisted to Rolling Out. "He can turn your life around."

Bailon spoke more about how people can change their lives by submitting to God.

"If you want to change your life tomorrow, it absolutely can happen. You can become anything you want to become," she told Latina magazine. "If you decide you want to change your life around, it doesn't matter where you came from, what you did, if you were incarcerated or you are from the projects, if you are an uppity kid who came from a really wealthy family and all of them do drugs and are into that life, it doesn't matter, come as you are and God does His work."

Still, the Christian actress insists that the message of the movie is less about religion and more about faith in God.

"I hope they get the message of faith in the sense that believing in something greater than yourself really helps you get through life so much easier," Bailon told Latina. "So for me it's really not about religion, but a relationship with God is the message we want to get across."