After Seeing This, You May Think Twice About Picking Up Your Cell Phone (Video)

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/charstarleneTV)

In today's age of technology, smartphones have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Sometimes we get so involved in our handsets because they allow us to do so much right from our fingertips. However, unfortunately, it can at times make us blind to all the beauty God has created around us.

We become so LOST in our smartphones and sometimes miss things that could be special. Instead of taking pictures and posting them up on social media, we should enjoy those special moments first hand. For example, when people attend a concert they all take out their cell phones instead of just watching and enjoying the show. This also happens when couples are out to dinner together. Instead of using the time to socialize with one another, pictures are being posted of them out to eat.

This video shows a lot of moments where people may have their cell phones out and it shows you how wrapped up they are during special times. So try and put your phone down and LIVE in the moment instead of recording it!