Aimee Copeland Hits Milestones as Father Thanks Public for Prayers

Aimee Copeland is rapidly making progress after undergoing a quadruple amputation. Her father has noted that Aimee has already reached several milestones in the four days since she was transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility.

"Just a quick note," Andy posted on Facebook. "Aimee fed herself today for the first time. She can also now brush her own teeth. How's that for only 4 full days of rehab? Yeah, I'm beaming from ear-to-ear right now."

The 24-year-old captured the world's attention after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria while recovering from a zip line accident. She lost her left leg, right foot, and both hands as a result of the bacteria, but through it all has maintained her smile and cheerful disposition.

Faith is what has gotten Aimee and her family through the ordeal, Andy noted in the blog he's kept since the incident.

"As I have mentioned before, Aimee's story of survival is a story of love, hope and faith. Our family's story is a testimonial of the power of prayer. I believe that you, the readers who have followed this blog and prayed for Aimee, have been very instrumental in her recovery. For that, I am truly thankful," he wrote.

The family still has a long way to go, though, as Andy revealed it would cost over $150,000 for Aimee's prosthesis. Right now the family has been allotted $50,000 by their insurance company, but the new prosthesis will cost nearly three times that amount.

"At this point," Andy wrote, "we continue to trust in God that He will provide the answers we seek."

Aimee will remain at a rehabilitation facility in order to adapt to her new life, but the family has been busy making arrangements to make it safe for her to return home. The small town of Snellville held a marathon-fundraiser last week and presented the family with a check totaling $16,500 to help with expenses.

No matter the cost, though, the Copeland family remains committed to seeing Aimee live her best life and hold firm to their faith.