Air Bag for Your Smartphone?

Although flying smartphones don't yet exist, we are getting there.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, teamed up with Greg Hart, VP of Amazon, to file a patent application for what could soon come to be: an air-bag deploying smartphone.

In the application entitled "Protecting Devices from Impact Damage" Bezos and Hart illustrate just how their ingenious system would substantially reduce shock or damage to your pricey smartphone.

The system would not only deploy an airbag from the portable device's side if dropped, but after measuring the potential damage of the fall, it would be capable enough to decide whether to deploy the airbag or not.

The application also enlisted some other ingenious forms of countering the potential damage of a dropped smartphone including the addition of springs to the device and the ejection of compressed air or Co2 from a cartridge as a "propulsion element" to "cause a gentle or safe landing."

The patent was originally filed in February 2010 by Bezos and Hart and although it might have been a bit farfetched back then, as more of our life depends on our handheld friends now, anything that prevents the loss of apprized data on phones is a good idea.

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