Air Force Sex Scandal: Prosecution and Defense Teams Rest Cases

The prosecution and defense teams have rested in the pivotal trial of the staff sergeant charged in the infamous Air Force sex scandal in Texas on Thursday.

One witness was called by the attorneys representing Staff Sgt. Luis Walker, before the team rested their case on Thursday afternoon. Prosecutors closed out their own case earlier in the day on Thursday and are confident of securing the conviction.

Staff Sgt. Luis Walker has been accused of sexually assaulting 10 trainees, abusing his position of power over them. Various charges have been brought against him including rape and aggravated sexual assault to obstructing justice and violating rules of professional conduct, according to The Associated Press.

The serious charges have brought the Air Force into the spotlight, and if convicted Staff Sgt. Walker can expect severe punishment. Depending on his what he may be found guilty of, Staff Sgt. Walker could face life imprisonment.

The case of Staff Sgt. Walker has been made into the central one of a string of similar cases all to affect the Air Force. In total six cases of sexual misconduct have been brought against Air Force instructors, although the trial of Staff Sgt. Walker is being touted as the "cornerstone" case.

In all 31 female trainees have been identified by investigators as victims in the sordid scandal engulfing the United States Air Force. However, there are thought to be more than those 31 in total, with some not coming forward or not being found by investigators.

The sex scandal allegedly began back in 2009, and has been a hugely embarrassing episode for the Air Force. Closing arguments are scheduled for Friday, with a concluding verdict following that.