Air Force Wife Surprises Firefighters Who Had to Abruptly Leave Costco on Call; See What They Found When They Returned for Goods

(Photo:Facebook/ Vacaville Firefighters Association Local 3501)Firefighters in Vacaville, California.

Firefighters from Vacaville, California, who had to abandon their order at a local Costco register to respond to an emergency call over the Memorial Day weekend, were overwhelmed with thanks when they returned for their goods and found a gift left by a mystery Air Force wife.

According to a post on the Vacaville Firefighters Association Local 3501's Facebook page on Sunday, the mystery military wife paid for the goods the firefighters had to leave behind and thanked them for their service.

"While one of our crews was shopping at Costco, wearing our camouflage shirts to honor the military, they received a 911 call and had to leave their cart of food and run out to the engine. After returning to the store to pay, a military wife paid for the entire cart and left this note," explained the post with a picture of the note.

"Whoever did this, we are forever grateful and your kind gesture will not be forgotten. Meals at the firehouse come out of our own pockets and this was beyond generous," it continued.

On the receipt for the goods totaling $123.25, the mystery woman scribbled: "Firefighters, thanks for being there for us. Have a good weekend."

The firefighters were so moved by the woman's generosity, they decided to pay her kindness forward and have been engaging in small acts of kindness since then.

(Photo: Facebook/Vacaville Firefighters Association)

"PAYING IT FORWARD! Just yesterday, we invited a 97-year-old World War II veteran down to the station so we could thank him by treating him to a firehouse dinner. This is just a small way of saying thank you to the men and women who have fought for our freedom. All in the spirit of paying it forward," the firefighters noted in a later post on Wednesday.

One person, who said they witnessed the emergency that pulled the firefighters from Costco, said they deserved the gesture from the Air Force wife.

"I was at the scene of the emergency. The response time was amazing and they worked hard to get everyone out. They deserved this kind gesture," wrote Tanner Vice on Facebook.

Carolyn Tipton Wold commented, "What a wonderful woman. It is an awesome reminder that the world is filled with all kinds of people; some who strive only to hurt others and some, like this woman, who strive to spread kindness. God bless her and her family."

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