Alabama Church Holds 'Spa Day' for Homeless Men

(Photo: WRKG News Screen Grab)Government Street Baptist Church of Mobile, Alabama held a "Spa Day" for homeless men in the area. On the last Saturday in July 2014, Government Street volunteers gave homeless men free haircuts, lunches, showers, and medical care.

A congregation in Alabama has recently hosted a "Spa Day" for the homeless men in their neighborhood.

Government Street Baptist Church of Mobile held a luncheon for the men that included special treatment such as haircuts and showers last Saturday. The Inaugural Spa Day was organized by the Men's Ministry at Government Street Baptist and garnered local media attention.

"We want to let them know that we love them and that God loves them, and our city is a city that wants to care for people like this," said Government Street Baptist Senior Pastor Charles Brown.

Volunteers for the event not only included Government Street Baptist members but also students from Bishop State Community College and the University of Mobile.

"Today was not a typical Saturday for church members and visitors. Today was all about giving back to men who have been forgotten by society," reported WKRG News Channel 5. "The men were able to get their hair cut, take showers, receive medical care and clothes, as well as indulge in a hot meal."

WKRG also talked with Bishop State Community College volunteer Delmar Reed, who said that "I thank God I had to opportunity to cut the people's hair."

"I was in Iraq for almost 16 months. And I'll be honest with you. I enjoyed coming back home and being able to do something like this for the community," continued Reed.

This is not the first time Government Street Baptist has held an event centered on aiding the homeless, noted Carol McPhail of

"Last year, Government Street held its first Spa Day for homeless women, the church said," wrote McPhail on Monday.

WKRG News Channel 5
WKRG 5 covers the Inaugural Spa Day at Government Street Baptist Church of Mobile, Alabama in July 2014.